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Okanagan Valley has something for every type of buyer. When it comes to finding a home for sale in one of the area’s most character driven areas, you have to take the time to check out Vernon. There is something charming about this city that is hard to overlook. It is this charm and vibe that has so many people visiting the area during the summer months, especially when they want to find an area that is family friendly. There’s the outdoor water park, numerous beaches along Kalamalka Lake, and lots to do. But, if you are buying a home here – either a second home or a first home – you’ll want to check out Vernon a bit closer.

Vernon is close enough to the larger cities in the area that you could commute to it, but it is far enough away to give you

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Okanagan, British Columbia has become a family friendly place to visit. It offers a unique combination of features that make it the perfect place to go in the middle of winter when you want to enjoy the skiing and rolling hills. On the other hand, this area is perfectly suited to summer fun especially with the number of beaches available here. Many of the area’s beaches will provide you with the ideal space to spread out and play. If you are looking to buy a home near an Okanagan beach, though, there are a few must see locations to take into consideration.

Okanagan Beach Penticton

This area is located on the southern shore of the lake in the city of Penticton. It is a larger city with plenty of housing options including many condos and homes

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Numerous communities near Okanagan, British Columbia can provide you with the family focused, relaxing escape you are looking for. When buying real estate in Okanagan, it may be a good idea to focus on communities like Kelowna. This is a larger community here, with more than 100,000 people calling it home. Yet, it still feels like a smaller towne. You can expect to find outstanding amenities available to you including modern features and outstanding commercial sectors. However, you will also find a number of fantastic properties with ample privacy.

What Should You Look for in Kelowna?

Kelowna is a growing community. It is a thriving city with plenty of amenities to offer those that live here. That includes various sports and recreational

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Okanagan, British Columbia puts you in the heart of nature. You know that, but when it comes time to buying a home for your entire family, you may be looking for a community that offers something more to you. Kaleden could be the ideal choice. It is a small towne with only about 1,100 people calling it home. For those that live here, that is a very good thing. It is about 13 km to the south of the city of Penticton, which is why it has such a strong tourism focus. It's easy to get away into the hills and wooded areas for a weekend away.

Kaleden Home

What About Buying a Home in Kaleden?

As you walk or drive through Kaleden, you'll notice a few things. Aside from the vineyards and the orchards so prevalent here, you will also find plenty of smaller communities

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Vernon is a smaller community located in Northern Okanagan in British Columbia. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful of all communities located in this region. For those who are looking for a place to call home that is remote and yet within a short drive to the larger cities, Vernon is ideally located. The community is home to about 38,000 people, which makes it rather large compared to others in the area. Yet, this community is also one of the best because of its outstanding weather, long summer days, and low rainfalls during the summer months.

What Life Is Like in Vernon

Many people come to Vernon to explore this neighbourhood as a getaway. It is the perfect place for a nature tour or to spend your time at Kal Beach located right on

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Are you hoping to live in a beachfront town in British Columbia and looking for the ideal choice? For those who are zeroed in on Okanagan, the community of Penticton could be the ideal choice. It is one of the most beautiful areas of the city and it offers some of the very best views of the waterways. Though it is also a heavily tourism-focused community, there are many reasons to make this your year round home or even a second home. For many people, it is the natural beauty it has to offer that helps it to stand out overall, but it is also a vibrant community with a family focus and a diverse economy.

Tug Boat Docked at Penticton

What You Will Find in Penticton

The city is home to about 34,000 people. Each of them is very different. That is, the diversity here is

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Okanagan, British Columbia has become a favourite tourist destination for many people in British Columbia and even the rest of the country. But, you do not (and in some cases should not) just visit. Why not come and stay? The real estate market here is prime for the opportunities individuals are looking for and home loans remain rather easy to obtain. For these reasons, you may want to turn your visit to the area into a second home or just move here to raise your family.

The Advantages of Okanagan

Kelowna LakefrontTake into consideration the benefits that this area can offer to you. When you visit, you come to explore the wilderness, which is quite the common view out the windows of homes here. However, this is also an area with a vibrant, modern lifestyle with all

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Kelowna, British Columbia

Located along Okanagan Lake, on the southern portion of British Columbia is the city of Kelowna. A beautiful, waterfront city, it has plenty to offer home buyers from all walks of life. If you are looking for a metropolitan area to call home, you may easily find this city, which is home to about 179,000 people, the ideal place to call home. What is there to do here? What can you expect if you decide to call Kelowna home?

Getting to Know the Area

Kelowna is a rather large community with numerous neighbourhoods within it. These properties are less defined than others. You may wish to choose a community like Kettle Valley, Glenmore or Benvoulin, all of which are residential communities. Central City is a key component of this area and the Harvey

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A view of the bridge over Okanagan Lake

Okanagan is becoming one of the more sought after locations for luxury real estate. For many people, this area offers a wide range of opportunities. This includes beautiful outdoor areas to call home and spacious homes to buy. Add to that the number of new developments, quality schools, and parks here, you will find there are plenty of reasons to buy your next home in this outdoor wonderland. Could it be the right option for you and your family?

What Okanagan Has to Offer

Located in the southern portion of British Columbia, the Okanagan Valley is a treasure for various reasons. For example, it is one of the warmest areas of the country. It is also home to various communities including Penticton, Osoyoos, Kelowna and Vernon. These communities are

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Home in North OkanaganHome in Jasper Drive, Vernon BC

The northern region of Okanagan provides for outstanding amenities and features for individuals looking to purchase real estate here. It is home to more than 81,200 people and covers some 7512 square km. It is the location of three larger cities including Armstrong, Vernon and Enderby. It is also home to the Village of Lumby. What is home buying here going to do for you? Take into consideration all that this region has to offer.

Home Prices in North Okanagan

One of the most important factors in choosing a home in this region is looking at local amenities and features. As an overall region, the area of Okanagan has home values around $400,000. However, it is quite possible to find homes in the range of $250,000 to

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