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Movie ProjectorAre you feeling sentimental over the drive-in movie days of the past? You don’t have to just feel sentimental. Instead, you can bring back the good old drive-in experience by settling up an outdoor move theatre in your Okanagan Home.

There are several preparations needed to be done before you set up an outdoor movie theatre under the shining stars for all your neighbours, friends and families.  Here are some of the things you will need to consider.

Obtain Permission

Make sure that you have informed the neighbourhood about your exciting proposal and request for permission as they might be upset about the noise levels caused by the outdoor movie theatre. There is a trick in getting instant approvals from the neighbourhood, invite them. When they

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The Okanagan Street Food Restaurant is a catering establishment and market. It has been proclaimed by readers of EAT Magazine as the best addition to the Okanagan food and drink scene since 2011. The tastes, budget, and imagination will be accommodated with the mobile kitchen to service at least 250 guests or private groups up to 30 guests at the restaurant.

Customers have raved over the fantastic gourmet cuisine, with the perfect creations and presentation. Okanagan supports The Kelowna Women's Shelter with Soup Sisters Kelowna. It also supports the British Columbia Hospitality Foundation and KGH Cancer Centre through Judy's Girls Pink Party.

For any special event, you are invited to download the wide variety of menu options. Some of those

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Halloween is a time to celebrate with the ghosts and goblins. Here are a few ways you can celebrate the holiday near Okanagan. By dressing up you will become more enthralled with the events that you will experience in any one of the following locations. So grab a mask and check them out.

Haunted Tales of Kamloops Past

You and the kids have got to visit the Haunted Tales of Kamloops Past on October 27th and 28th. A flashlight tour will be held by the Kamloops Museum & Archives at the Pleasant Street Cemetery. Stories will include echoes of the forgotten souls, historical spooky spots, and more stories of the scary burial grounds. Doesn't that sound spine-chilling? For more details, feel free to call 250-828-3576.

The Halloween Treat Trail

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If you haven't been to the Wild Goose Vineyards yet you are truly missing out on a once in a lifetime experience. This is the place to go to steep yourself in premium British Columbia wine culture. If you are someone who considers yourself to be a wine fanatic, you are only cheating yourself by not checking this place out. Before you head over, however, take the time to learn a little more about how this vineyard came to be and what kind of history it has.

Where Did This Vineyard Acquire Its Name?

The founder Adolf Kruger bought land near Okanagan Falls in 1983. When he went back to his new property there was a huge flock of Canada geese feeding there. He decided right then to call his property Wild Goose Vineyards.

From the Beginning – A

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Raudz Regional Table is a dining establishment that has always been an open book when it comes to dining. In order to get a closer look at the inner workings of this place, all you have to do is look at the kitchen. The kitchen is in front of a clear glass. This is a place that believes in transparency. They want their customers to know exactly what it is they are getting when they come in for a meal.

Every single day, there is a group of talented cooks sitting behind this clear glass working hard to create hundreds of tasty dishes.

The Cooks Work Hard All Day

This is a place that takes great pride in having cooks who work hard for their customers. The cooks get to the kitchen early to begin prep and work hard cooking dish after dish all day

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Are you looking for some fine wine? How about some Artisan bread? Maybe you want to sink your teeth into some local cheese? These are the highlights of what you are going to find if you were to head over to Platinum Bench Estate Winery and have a look around. Yes, it is a winery. However, it is so much more than that. After all, what would a good wine be without some cheese and bread to go with it?

Naturally, you might want to know more about the history of Platinum Bench Estate Winery before you head over for some wine and cheese. Fortunately, this spotlight can help you learn more about what Platinum Bench Estate Winery is and what it has to offer you as a potential customer.

Award Winning Wines

Platinum Bench Estate Winery is known for

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If you are searching for a quaint or romantic evening; Bordello's is your kind of restaurant. Italian dinners and pizza are all offered with prices ranging from $15 to $20. Its convenient location is about the well-known Sturgeon Hall Restaurant. Kelowna is very proud of this gem and its old world style of hospitality.

Everyone Agrees – It’s a Hit

Bordello's is ranked 7th out of 501 restaurants in Kelowna and 8th out of 570 places to eat in the town. Its reviews place it at 4.5 out of 5 stars. This excellence has also won Trip Advisors Certificate of Excellence in 2013 and 2015.

Those ratings were a reflection of 91 reviewers; 80 of the group gave the restaurant an excellent or very good rating. These reviews are coming from travellers that

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The Sonora Room is located at the Burrowing Owl Estate Winery, nestled in the quaint region of southern Okanagan. The vineyard's view is breath-taking to all who visit, with the 140 acres sustaining the winery.

Dave Keeler, the restaurant's operator, has developed a skillset with refined knowledge and 30 years of hospitality experience to make The Sonora Room more exquisite. The restaurant provides you with a relaxed style, quality service, and a view of the gorgeous winery visible from the patio or dining area.

Local Growers

Sustainability is the focus, with support offered by Eco-friendly farming practices. The culinary team uses an array of organic locally grown produce, seasonal fruits, and a variety of artisan cheeses and bread. The

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The Similkameen Valley of British Columbia houses seven scattered rock formations, creating the legendary name sake, Seven Stones Winery. George Hanson, the owner, has created a passionate French wine, stylish for any table. The quality of every bottle of this tantalizing wine is a reminder that the grapes are all grown on-site.


Tour the enhancing world-class cellar created with an Old-world style cave theme. Come and let the staff host your event. We have 20 rolling acres of beautiful fields waiting for the next phase of harvest. You can observe the control and care taken for every product offered in the Seven Stones Winery. Come and visit the tasting room and caves. Be embraced by the breath-taking view. Just drive 7 minutes east of

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Sometimes you do not want a full meal. Sometimes you want something light such as a sandwich and some soup. The question is – where should you go to get a nice sandwich and soup? Little Hobo Soup & Sandwich is a great place to consider. The next thing you need to think about is what to expect when you head there for your soup and sandwich.

What Does Little Hobo Soup & Sandwich Have To Offer?

The Little Hobo Soup & Sandwich is located in a plain red brick building on Lawrence Avenue near the intersection of Lawrence and Pandosy in downtown Kelowna. This unassuming little shop has been in the capable hands of Crystal Dougan and Steve MacDonald since 2011 and is the top rated restaurant in all of British Columbia. One visit will tell you why.

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