Why Buy a Home in Kelowna, in Okanagan Valley?

Posted by Gillian Krol on Tuesday, January 26th, 2016 at 10:49am.

Kelowna, British Columbia

Located along Okanagan Lake, on the southern portion of British Columbia is the city of Kelowna. A beautiful, waterfront city, it has plenty to offer home buyers from all walks of life. If you are looking for a metropolitan area to call home, you may easily find this city, which is home to about 179,000 people, the ideal place to call home. What is there to do here? What can you expect if you decide to call Kelowna home?

Getting to Know the Area

Kelowna is a rather large community with numerous neighbourhoods within it. These properties are less defined than others. You may wish to choose a community like Kettle Valley, Glenmore or Benvoulin, all of which are residential communities. Central City is a key component of this area and the Harvey Avenue runs right through it. You may wish to live along downtown Kelowna, a more historic and quaint area with ample opportunities. In the area of Glenmore, you'll find more affluent homes. Mission offers more of a vibrant area with a strong commercial sector. Rutland is another area here. It is the largest neighbourhood in the area and the homes offer some expansive views.

Life in Kelowna

Aside from having expansive views of the water, Kelowna offers much more to residents. The city is quite a tourism-centric area and many artisan businesses are present here as a result. You will find ample outdoor activities to enjoy including hiking, bike trails, various boating options and Alpine skiing. Nordic skiing is also present here. Two large ski resorts exist. The area is also home to Okanagan College as well as the University of British Columbia. Top restaurants, fantastic shopping areas, and a charming setting make this a fun place to call home.

Kelowna offers something for most people. Take a few minutes to check out the homes for sale in Okanagan's Kelowna area and you may find one perfect for your family.

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