Art GalleryRich in culture, Okanagan offers an array of art in various forms. You can experience artisan food and wine, visit local art galleries, attend an artisan festival, as well as explore artwork from local artist displayed in shops or along the streets.

Several of the communities surrounding the Okanagan region make up an extraordinary art district.

The best way to experience the Kelowna Cultural District is to walk, as there are many boutiques, restaurants, live theatre, music and public art displays for you to enjoy. You will find the Kelowna Art Gallery and the Rotary Centre for the Arts here as well. You will also find many murals along the streets, including Spirt of Sails, Rhapsofy and Reach for the Stars.

The Turtle Island Gallery can also be…

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Salmon Arm is the name of an electoral district that is located in Canada. It is located right along the shoreline of a lake called Shusawp. The primary focus of this community is out recreational activities. The highlands, mountains, and lake provide the community with lots of recreational opportunities.

Water Activities

Whether you like lounging on the beach and soaking up the sun or swimming in the water – there is something for everyone to do in Salmon Arm. What people really like about the waters of Shusawp Lake is how warm they are. Swimming is far from being the only water activity you can partake in.

You can take your family or friends canoeing or kayaking through the wetlands of the Salmon Arm Bay. You could even opt for water skiing,…

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Image Credit: is located on the shorelines of a lake called Okanagan. Considering its prime location, it is no surprise that most of the things to do in the community are outdoor recreational activities. The area is almost completely surrounded by highlands, farmlands, and mountains. This, however, just increases the recreational activities for you to choose from.


Are you a bit of a car fanatic? If you are them you are going to love Nixdorf Classic Cars. This is a collection of a little over 100 different vehicles that are 50 models from the years 1937 to 1970. You will get to look at vintage muscle cars, convertibles, and coupes. Some of the vehicles are 100 percent original and others have been restored from junk yard conditions.


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Image Credit: is the name of a community that is located on a lake also called Osoyoos. The community is completely surrounded by highlands, grasslands, and mountains. Outdoor recreational activities will always be a big deal in this community.

What Do People Come Here For?

Water activities are popular in Osoyoos due to the Osoyoos Lake. People also come to this community for hiking, golfing, and cycling during the summer season. You should keep in mind that the fun does not end just because summer is over.

You can enjoy snowboarding, downhill skiing, and cross-country skiing once the snow starts to get deep. People also come to Osoyoos because they want to go wine tasting and enjoy delicious food. It is actually pretty hard to run out of different…

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Image Credit: 2007, West Kelowna became a district in British Columbia. This community is known to have a long history of being a key provider in the regions agricultural industry. You will find many vineyards, as well as orchards and farms spread throughout West Kelowna.

West Kelowna’s economy also offers manufacturing, tourism, construction and retail. The Council in West Kelowna has made a commitment to enhance all the community assets, and create one-of-a-kind opportunities. The growth and stability of the economy, along with the inviting lifestyle has attracted many people to the West Kelowna area.

West Kelowna is the second-largest district in the Regional District of Central Okangan. There are an estimated 30,892 people, and all kinds of housing…

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Image Credit: is a British Columbia community that is rich in agriculture. This region is filled with numerous farms and orchards. Besides this, there are many other fun filled things to experience in Armstrong. Here are some for you to consider.

Farms & Orchards

Once you leave the Armstrongs downtown corridor, you will see a wealth of farm lands. These lands can be discovered, no matter which direction you decide to go. They range from Wild Mountain Honey Farms, apple picking orchards, as well as greenhouses. You can even experience some of the produce grown by local farmers at the Armstrong Farmer’s Market.

Activities for Kids

  • Chickadee Ridge invites all kids to come out to their miniature horse farm. They will get to interact with the horses…

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Image Credit:, fruit, and fruit related products – they are the three things you can find just about anywhere when shopping near Okanagan. British Columbia is the epicentre of both wine and fruit. The region is packed with vineyards and orchards. Guests and locals are always welcomed to visit the vineyards and orchards for sampling, tours, and to go shopping, of course.

Perfect Place to Buy Romantic Bottles of Wine

Imagine planning the perfect romantic night for your lady, you have been with for several years now. You pull out a bottle of wine, but not just any wine. You pull out a bottle of wine that was homegrown and produced near Okanagan, a fresh and delicious bottle of wine that you put a lot of love and effort into selecting. What better way to say: I…

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Image Credit:, BC is nestled in the Okanagan Valley located between Osoyoos and Okanagan Falls. It is a town of 4,000 and has a lot to offer for all ages.

Wine Lovers Haven

First off, Oliver is a wine lover haven, home to 25 wineries. You will find one or two wineries to fall in love with, or maybe more. Each area of the town has a distinct flavour for wine and the most popular their last year was the reds at Desert Hills Winery, an award winning BC winery.

Desert Centre Osoyoos

After your trip or many trips to the wineries, Oliver has a lot more to offer than just fermented grapes. The Desert Centre Osoyoos celebrates Canada's only desert (besides the Arctic tundra) where temperatures reach above 40 degrees.

The Oliver Theatre

The Oliver…

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