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Life on the bench is always very special. When you visit, you will never forget the experience you had here.

The Bench 175 winery is located in Okanagan Valley on Naramata Bench. It is by far one of the most popular wine regions in all of British Columbia.

The best way to describe it is simply beautiful. It will literally take your breath away. Previously this winery was known as the Soaring Eagle Estate Winery. However, new ownership came in and changed the name. It is now known as the Bench 1775 and offers a host of new products and brands.

A Winery and a Tasting Room

If you love wine you will love this place. It is both a winery and a tasting room. The tasting room is housed in a horse barn that has been nicely renovated. You can sit…

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Osoyoos Golf Club is the only desert-style golf course in all of Canada. If you are looking for a round of golf, this is a great place to go. There are two, 18-hole golf courses, plush conditioning and unbelievable hospitality.

The Courses

This golf course sits right in the heart of Canada’s wine country. Here you will get the perfect combination of picturesque golf and great weather. The two full length golf courses provide you with the longest golf season in all of Okanagan.

The two courses are the Park Meadows Course and the Desert Gold Course. If you enjoy walking the Park Meadows course is the best option for you. The Desert Gold course, on the other hand, provides you with a different type of experience.

Instead of a park like…

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Arrowleaf Cellars is a great family owned wine business that takes pride in customer service. Ran by the Zuppigers and their son they are innovative and committed wine makers. Each family member has a job to do, and they are often helped by others in the family when they can take a break from school or work.

They immigrated to Canada from Switzerland in 1986 and earned a living running a dairy and fruit operation at separate times. When they decided something new was in order, they purchased Suncrest Vineyard in 1998 and opened it in 2003.

Manuel Zuppiger went back to Switzerland to his roots and learned how to make wine. When he came back to the states he knew exactly the type of product he wanted to put out.

The Main Focus of This Winery –…

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If you consider yourself to be a bit of a music fanatic, you should consider taking a trip to Okanagan. Okanagan is considered to be home of one of the best and most unique music festivals there are.

What is the Penticton Elvis Festival?

The Penticton Elvis Festival takes place every year in June at Okanagan. This is a great festival for Elvis lovers because it's one of the best places to see impersonators. It has also been called the Pacific Northwest Elvis Festival and is a contest to find the best.

The stage is set next to the late and the best of the best take to the stage to do their best impressions of the King. You can even try your own impersonation and enjoy being around fellow Elvis lovers. It’s great when people who share a common…

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Wine Barrels

If you like learning the history of a company and enjoying wine then the 8th Generation Vineyard is a delight to visit. You can practically feel the history rolling off of it. With a wide variety of wines and a beautiful vineyard this energetic family is living the dream.

Who is Bernd Schales?

Bernd Schales is the 8th generation of winemakers in his family. Over years of practice in Germany the Schales family has perfected wine making. To make it even better his wife Stefanie is a 10th generation wine grower. The two families’ techniques combined create this amazing winery that keeps the tradition alive.

The History of the Schales Family

The first talented wine maker in his family started in 1757 and they continued the tradition in Germany…

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Do you consider yourself to be a runner? You will be happy to know there are a wide range of running events that take place in Okanagan every single year. It is a great place to go if you are looking for some bigger triathlons to really challenge yourself. If you are looking for some great events to run in then Okanagan is perfect. Here are a few of the larger events that take place every year that you can enjoy.

The Peach City Runfest

The Peach City Runfest is a race that goes on in May. There are several events to choose from so you can run at your speed. There is a 5 K, a 10 K, a Half Marathon, and a Kid's Mile race. All of these races start on the beach at Skaha Lake and go across it. You can enjoy free parking lots during the race.


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The Caravan Farm Theatre is an outdoor theatre company located in Armstrong, BC. It’s a professional company that has started its theatre on an 80 acre farm. It’s a national treasure that has become a favourite pastime among locals since opening in 1978.

This premier outdoor theatre is one of the best in Canada among professional outdoor theatre companies and you’ll find all ages out enjoying a performance. If you’re ready for some outdoor fun, check out the Caravan Farm Theatre.

About the theatre

The theatre is located outdoors and there is no theatre building. Productions have been set up all over the farm from inside the barn to the riding ring and the field to the pines. They’ve performed anything from Shakespeare to Brecht and even…

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