PentictonA small community located in the heart of the ever-growing wine industry of Okanagan, Penticton is the ideal place to go for relaxation and fun-filled activities. If you love the outdoors, you will find immense pleasure in all of the things there are to do in Penticton all year round. It’s also the perfect place to buy a home and settle down.

Buying a Home

Whether you’re just starting out on your own, you’re ready to retire, or you’re somewhere in between, Penticton has beautiful historic homes, small crafty bungalows, and even condominiums for you to choose among. The town is vibrant and most places can be easily accessed on foot. The weather and the atmosphere are always pleasant and you’ll never tire of trying out all the amazing restaurants, wineries, markets, and activities.

Fruit and Wine

A good portion of Penticton’s economy comes from its fruit production. There are a variety of produce stands, self-pick orchards, and the Farmers’ Market where you can purchase fresh fruits. The restaurants in town support the farmers and the small markets by buying their produce locally. The wines that the restaurants serve often come from one of the many wineries located in and around Penticton.  

Recreational Activities

There is always something enjoyable to do in Penticton no matter the time of the year. In the warmer months, there are beaches where you can go to get some sun and go swimming or boating. You can also partake in a variety of watersports like kiteboarding and wind-surfing. In the winter months, the landscape is ideal for activities like skiing and snowboarding.

If you enjoy camping, hiking, or fishing, you will find that the forest areas offer beautiful sceneries, hills and valleys, and lakes that provide the perfect atmosphere for these types of activities. There are also plenty of areas that will accommodate rock climbing if that is something you enjoy doing.

There is only one way to truly appreciate all the things Penticton has to offer, and that is to see it and experience it for yourself. Most everyone that lives in Penticton lives there because they visited there at some point, fell in love with the atmosphere and environment, and never wanted to leave.

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