Image Credit: is located on the shorelines of a lake called Okanagan. Considering its prime location, it is no surprise that most of the things to do in the community are outdoor recreational activities. The area is almost completely surrounded by highlands, farmlands, and mountains. This, however, just increases the recreational activities for you to choose from.


Are you a bit of a car fanatic? If you are them you are going to love Nixdorf Classic Cars. This is a collection of a little over 100 different vehicles that are 50 models from the years 1937 to 1970. You will get to look at vintage muscle cars, convertibles, and coupes. Some of the vehicles are 100 percent original and others have been restored from junk yard conditions.


Did you know that Summerland is home to one of the very first wineries that was established in Okanagan? It is called the Sumac Ridge Estate Winery. Wine lovers get to enjoy vintage award-winning wines with a great deal of history attached to them. You are going to taste a lot of unique flavours that you just cannot get anywhere else.


Summerland has been a place that was big on agriculture since it was founded. Most people really love the fact that over the years it has never even come close to straying from its farmland roots. This is a place where you expect to drive up or walk around and see stands on the side of the road with farmers selling fresh fruits and produces. Fresh and locally made wine is also a pretty big deal within this community.

If you really want to learn more about Summerland you should visit the Summerland Museum. It will give you a chance to learn more about the real history behind the community. Whether you are a car fan, someone who is very health conscious, or just someone who likes to soak up the sun – you are sure to enjoy Summerland.

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