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With a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Media Relations, Gillian understands the art of effective marketing. In 2023, she made the strategic move of transitioning her business from Coldwell Banker to RE/MAX Kelowna, the largest network of Canadian real estate agents. With over 16 years of experience selling Okanagan properties, Gillian understands the unique intricacies of the local real estate market, making her your trusted guide to navigate this dynamic landscape. In discovering 1 in 5 real estate buyers in North America are single females, and over 90% of the home buying and selling decisions are being directed by women, Gillian recognized a need for a Kelowna REALTORĀ® that offers a service that thrives on providing product knowledge, integrity and attention to detail. She helps all types of families with their moves; but, always jump at the opportunity to equip single women with all the tools needed to make an empowering, independent business decision. When you choose Gillian as your Realtor, you're embracing someone who values integrity, attention to detail, and your long-term success. Count on her to discover a home that's just-right for you.

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