Real Estate Just Right For You

The home of exceptional real estate service in the Central Okanagan. At the helm is Gillian Krol, our founder and the driving force behind our success. A seasoned realtor with over 17 years of experience, Gillian's approach to real estate is grounded in a deep understanding of her clients' needs, a testament to her background in Communications and Marketing from the University of Calgary.

Professional Journey

Founding Goldilocks Estates wasn't just a business decision; it was Gillian's answer to a need in the market. She saw the opportunity to offer bespoke real estate services, particularly catering to the needs of financially astute couples and single women in the Okanagan area

At Goldilocks Estates, we believe that real estate is much more than transactions. It's about building lasting relationships, understanding the pulse of our community, and appreciating the distinct charm of each neighbourhood. Our commitment goes beyond guiding you to a new house; it's about helping you discover a home and a community where you can thrive.

Gillian Krol

For all your real estate needs contact us . We'd love to pair you with the perfect home.