CanoeingSince kayaking and canoeing are such popular sports in Okanagan, there are plenty of places to rent them for the day and enjoy some outdoor time in the water.

Christina Lake Marina & Grill - 173 Larson Road, Christina Lake

Christina Lake is a popular destination for boat and equipment rental. They offer pontoons, skis, wakesurf, wakeboard, and of course kayaks. They are open May 15 – September 15. No operators’ license required; you just have to be 19 years old to rent.

Big Bear ATV Canoe & Kayak – Lumby  - 208 Mabel Lake Road, Lumby

Big Bear ATV Canoe & Kayak offers a great time with their kayak and canoe tours. Not only that, but you can try a quading, dogsledding, or ATV tour. Located in northern Okanagan, this summer and winter adventure…

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Relaxing Spa DayFor spa lovers, Okanagan has some great places to go to relax in a tranquil and peaceful environment. There are individual day spas or you can try a resort’s spa for a luxurious experience. The resort spas typically require reservations in advance while day spas are more likely to have openings on the day you want to go in. Stop by one of these beautiful spas in Okanagan for a relaxing experience.

KurSpa at Sparkling Hill Resort - 888 Sparkling Place, Vernon

Welcome to KurSpa, the first place in North America to introduce the Cryotherapy Cold Sauna at -110C, the signature treatment that has everyone talking because this spa is one of the best in British Columbia. The spa is 40,000 square foot in size and is designed for healing “kur” by water, which…

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Family Shopping in a MallIt is not uncommon for some communities to have a pretty consistent shopping experience in terms of what kinds of shops there are and what kinds of things you can buy. That isn't really how it works in Thompson Okanagan. The shopping scene is just as varied as the community's landscaping is.

There are three main shopping districts within Okanagan. These shopping districts include Penticton, Kamloops, and Kelowna. You will find all sorts of things between these three communities including everything from specialty boutiques to major retail stores.

Here are a handful of the more popular places to shop in the different districts:

Penticton, BC, Canada

  • Cleo Cherry Lane Shopping Centre (2111 Main St #127)
  • Art Knapp's Plantland & Flower Shop…

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Summerland Ornamental Gardens - Image Credit:

In between the rich valleys of Okanagan, you will find beautiful and colorful fields of flowers. You will also find wine grapes as well as a mixture of other fruits. These fields of flora are balanced perfectly with the lakes and rivers in the area. If you take a trip to the southernmost point of the region, you can learn about all of the endangered flora and fauna in the area.

It is important to keep in mind that Okanagan has a very dry climate. This makes preserving water important if you are going to manage a garden. There are lots of beautiful gardens in Okanagan, so there is no reason why you could not have one if you wanted one too.

The Xeriscape Gardens

Xeriscape Gardens are some of the most water-efficient gardens in all of Okanagan.…

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FishingThompson Okanagan is known for the hundreds of lakes and rivers spread throughout this region. These waterways serve as the idea locations to cast out your fishing pole. Those who have a love for fishing, often plan a getaway to Okanagan just to experience the variety of fishing locations that are available.

Okanagan is a prime location, as it has easy access to many restaurants, accommodations and bait shops. One of the widely known waterways in the area is Adams River. The world’s largest sockeye salmon run takes place here once every four years. There are literally millions of sockeye salmon who travel back to Adams River, which was the place they were born. This extraordinary event can be seen from Roderick-Haig Brown Provincial Park.

Types of…

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Vernon, BCAt the northern end of the Okanagan Valley you will find the welcoming town of Vernon. This town of 38,968 people is city of dry grassland hillsides and bordered by mountains. There are three lakes surrounding the city, Swan Lake, Okanagan Lake, and Kalamalka Lake. Residents can enjoy four seasons here with so many things to enjoy around the city.


Staying in Vernon, people have many options for lodging needs. There are hotels and motels, bed and breakfast homes, cabins, camping and RV sites. There is a hostel called Silver Star Mountain Resort. Resorts offer suites and cottages near golf courses and near the shores of Kalamalka Lake.

Things To Do

When the weather is nice, water activities are very popular with locals. People love to…

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PentictonA small community located in the heart of the ever-growing wine industry of Okanagan, Penticton is the ideal place to go for relaxation and fun-filled activities. If you love the outdoors, you will find immense pleasure in all of the things there are to do in Penticton all year round. It’s also the perfect place to buy a home and settle down.

Buying a Home

Whether you’re just starting out on your own, you’re ready to retire, or you’re somewhere in between, Penticton has beautiful historic homes, small crafty bungalows, and even condominiums for you to choose among. The town is vibrant and most places can be easily accessed on foot. The weather and the atmosphere are always pleasant and you’ll never tire of trying out all the amazing restaurants,…

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Art GalleryRich in culture, Okanagan offers an array of art in various forms. You can experience artisan food and wine, visit local art galleries, attend an artisan festival, as well as explore artwork from local artist displayed in shops or along the streets.

Several of the communities surrounding the Okanagan region make up an extraordinary art district.

The best way to experience the Kelowna Cultural District is to walk, as there are many boutiques, restaurants, live theatre, music and public art displays for you to enjoy. You will find the Kelowna Art Gallery and the Rotary Centre for the Arts here as well. You will also find many murals along the streets, including Spirt of Sails, Rhapsofy and Reach for the Stars.

The Turtle Island Gallery can also be…

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Salmon Arm is the name of an electoral district that is located in Canada. It is located right along the shoreline of a lake called Shusawp. The primary focus of this community is out recreational activities. The highlands, mountains, and lake provide the community with lots of recreational opportunities.

Water Activities

Whether you like lounging on the beach and soaking up the sun or swimming in the water – there is something for everyone to do in Salmon Arm. What people really like about the waters of Shusawp Lake is how warm they are. Swimming is far from being the only water activity you can partake in.

You can take your family or friends canoeing or kayaking through the wetlands of the Salmon Arm Bay. You could even opt for water skiing,…

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Image Credit: is located on the shorelines of a lake called Okanagan. Considering its prime location, it is no surprise that most of the things to do in the community are outdoor recreational activities. The area is almost completely surrounded by highlands, farmlands, and mountains. This, however, just increases the recreational activities for you to choose from.


Are you a bit of a car fanatic? If you are them you are going to love Nixdorf Classic Cars. This is a collection of a little over 100 different vehicles that are 50 models from the years 1937 to 1970. You will get to look at vintage muscle cars, convertibles, and coupes. Some of the vehicles are 100 percent original and others have been restored from junk yard conditions.


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